Mark Vieira
Mark Vieira
Principal Software Engineer

Elastic's Dev Cloud Acceleration with GCP and Gradle Enterprise

Topic Time & Date: TBD

Elastic uses Gradle Enterprise build and test acceleration technology to minimize CI build and test feedback cycle times. With Gradle Enterprise Build Scan data, Elasticsearch can also monitor and optimize resource usage and performance. In combination with Google Cloud’s compute performance and cost advantages, Elastic delivers superior service levels to its internal stakeholders and customers.

Specifically, you will learn about:

  • Getting started with Google Cloud Platform and the Gradle Build Tool
  • The benefits of running CI builds and tests in the Cloud
  • Best practices for transitioning to the Cloud leveraging Gradle Enterprise to (1) monitor GCP usage and performance trends with Build Scans and (2) optimize build & test feedback cycle times using Build Cache and Test Distribution

About Mark

Mark Vieira leads the delivery area for the Elasticsearch engineering team at Elastic, responsible for build, CI, packaging and deployment. Prior to his current role he worked at Gradle on the professional services team and later helped launch Gradle Enterprise.