Aubrey Chipman
Aubrey Chipman
Senior Software Engineer

A More Integrated Build and CI to Accelerate Builds at Netflix

Topic Time & Date: TBD

Find out how Netflix’s DevProd organization concentrates on the local development loop and ways to shrink the time spent purely waiting. Points of discussion will include:

  • Building dependency cache (Topcoat/Varnish + Dependency cache on CI agents with latest framework libraries)
  • Building caching at task level (push from CI, consume in CI and local)
  • Test distribution
  • Predictive Test Selection
  • Gradle build scans for triaging/debugging build issues
  • Integration with CI infrastructure
  • Viewing build scan metrics and exporting them for custom dashboards: task usage, plugin usage, build trends, more filtering
  • Share common pains when rolling out this: when you’re not on the paved path, & using maven or mill or SBT or other tools that we do not support

About Aubrey

Priorities: “What are the actual, underlying problems?”, “What’s the simplest and best solution?”, “Consult & implement the solutions”, “Improving the developer experience”. Aubrey loves to work on developer tooling / developer experience. She loves being part of a team where they can grow, support, and elevate each other to help others. She has a passion for development work and the associated coaching, influencing, and generally making ecosystems better