Roberto Perez Alcolea
Roberto Perez Alcolea
Senior Software Engineer

A More Integrated Build and CI to Accelerate Builds at Netflix

Room: Ride
Date: 11/2
Time: 10:00 am

Find out how Netflix’s DevProd organization concentrates on the local development loop and ways to shrink the time spent purely waiting. Points of discussion will include:

  • From enabling to managing constant change
    • Keeping projects up-to-date with latest opinions and practices
    • Validating changes before shipping to consumers
  • Improving the build performance and consistency experience
    • Dependency resolution time reduction
    • Build & Artifact caching
    • Remote test execution
  • Improving self-serviceability 
    • Enhanced build insights for a given build
    • Flaky test detection
  • What’s in the horizon
    • Predictive Test Selection
    • Container experience for Integration Testing
    • IDE experience Enhancements

About Roberto

Roberto Perez Alcolea is an experienced software engineer with focused in microservices, cloud, developer productivity and continuous delivery. He’s a self-motivated, success-driven, and detail-oriented professional interested in solving the unique and challenging problems.