Gautam Korlam
Gautam Korlam
Senior Staff Engineer

Fast, not Furious Developer Experience

Room: Ride
Date: 11/3
Time: 10:00 am

Developers like faster builds, performant IDEs, and modern tools. Achieving it at scale with thousands of developers working on a single codebase requires not just improving speed but also reducing developer pain points like migrations, refactoring, and new technology learning curves. This talk will cover ways to achieve a pleasant development experience despite the not-so-pleasant aspects of software development. It will also cover how Uber solves some of these problems at scale.

About Gautam

Gautam is a Senior Staff Software Engineer on Uber’s Java Developer Experience Team. He is passionate about tools to improve developer experience in large codebases. He has spoken about a wide variety of topics around Monorepos, Build systems, CI & CD at scale etc.