Developer Productivity Teams: Unleashing Potential for Better, Faster, Stronger Results

In this talk, we share our journey of reshaping an overloaded generic DevOps team into a powerhouse focused on developer productivity. We will provide insights into the transformative process and highlight the remarkable benefits we experienced along the way. We started from a team that was perceived as a bottleneck, and we ended with a high-impact team with multiplicative productivity effect on our organisation. Our success story rests on several key ingredients: decreasing cognitive load, developing self-service platforms, harnessing the power of metrics, focusing on quality and automated testing, strengthening collaboration with the feature teams. The crown jewel of this transformation is the remarkable improvements we achieved in deploying our 250+ microservices: 7x faster deployments in production and 10x increase in continuous deployments within internal integration environments. These advancements improved significantly our feedback cycles, accelerated time-to-market, and improved the developer experience.

Thu, Sept 21
60 min
Room 2 (Gods & Monsters)
Ana Petkovska